‘’In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity’’
During an outbreak of a pandemic disease, we have decided to build a Brand by struggle with a team work. It entails a lot of more than simply putting ourselves out there, it’s a combination of many moving components to create an image that identifies us and differentiates from others.
We would prefer to be honest to get this post out. We have spoken to a few entrepreneurs and some working professional (about building the brand)
So we gathered the best professional team member focusing on the ideal quality designs in Affordable prices as keep an eye on the crises all over.
Then we build a Brand named ‘’bumblebee’’ which tender the unique collection of clothing for children. We pursue to being our best within the nationwide starting from 9m to 12y boys and girls both.

Nothing feels better than finding something that just works.
Everything we design is made to be worn from week-to-weekend so promising to make you feel the comfort in the most valuable and trendy outfits for your child, we’ve got the uncommon pieces you need.
Start with the basics and everything else will fall into place.

We believe only the best will do.
That’s why we always design using top quality fabrics that have been especially finished for the softest possible feel.